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Hi, I’m Kritthapath Yaviraj,

or you may know as CartoonGamerTeamThailand, ToonStoryTime , ToonWannaMoveOn , etc.

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Little things about myself!

I’m 17 years old studying at Dusit Commercial Nonthaburi Vocational College for Vocational Certificate in Computer Business. And interest in coding and tech all around.

This blog site is mostly all about me, sometime if I have an event, Maybe I will post here (at some point.) and also, this blog site based on Astro baaed on AstroPaper that I mostly modified for my needs.

For who that don’t know about AstroPaper,

AstroPaper is a minimal, responsive and SEO-friendly Astro blog theme. I designed and crafted this based on Sat Naing’s Blog aimed to be accessible out of the box. Light and dark mode are supported by default and additional color schemes can also be configured.


Here are certain features of this site.

I want to contribute on your blog, Can I do that?

Absouletely! Just added you blog in markdown file (.md) using this format,

author: // (Your Name)
pubDatetime: // 2023-01-30T15:57:52.737Z (your time in ISO format)
title: // (Title Name)
postSlug: // (title-name)
featured: // true/false (choose one)
draft: // true/false (choose one)
ogImage: // (image url)
  - (tag that in the scope of this post, make as a list)
description: (description of the post)

// your markdown content here and you can use html tags as well,
don't forget to add the table of contents
// by adding "## Table of contents" in the markdown file and it
will automatically generate the table of contents for you

// Credit : Be Beyond Code </> (

and then fork my repo and then put you files in src/content/blog (and recommended to put all pictures in assets/images/[your slag or you blog name.]/ for easier for me to manage it all.)


I want to thanks Charunthon Limseelo for inspire me to redesign and refactor from my old blog and also inspire to do someting like tihs, you can follow his GitHub here.

also his blog too! on

also you, that reading through the end!